Achieving Real, Lasting Impact

Whether you are an NSF-funded researcher, a nonprofit, or a socially responsible company, you care about a body of knowledge and you want the public to understand and care about it, too.

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Benefits of working with us

Better, Easier Outreach

Make grant proposals more competitive and achieve much broader impacts, while reducing your own workload.

Provide Open Access Education

Help reduce inequality by funding the production of high quality lessons for all.

Level Up Learning

Our lessons improve learning and retention by imbuing rigorous, interdisciplinary lessons with artistry, authentic data, and storytelling.

Measure Your Impact

We will aggregate impact reports to showcase the good you are doing in the world for your funders, customers, or the general public.

Contracting us means having a fully-dedicated team of scientists, educators, and creatives working to achieve your outreach dreams!

Order a la carte

Looking for a fantastic infographic, video, or data visual?

We're your one-stop shop for scicomm, education, and outreach!

Even if your exact need isn't listed, we can likely make it happen!

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  • 500 – 750

    Simple data interactive
  • 650 per finished min

    Simple video project (e.g. simple video assembly, with voiceover)
  • 100 – 500

    Basic infographic or data visual
Build It!
  • 1000 – 3000

    Complex data interactive or web app
  • 1000 – 2000 per finished min

    Complex video project (new footage, animations, scripting, narration or complex assembly)
  • 600 – 1000

    Complex infographic or data visual
Build It!
*These prices are a rough estimate of costs. Once you reach out, we will discuss your exact needs and constraints and provide a more precise estimate which may be higher or lower, depending on the labor entailed.
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The Galactic Polymath Way

A New Model for Education

1 Lesson means hundreds of hours of skilled labor. Our basic lesson includes standards alignment, presentations, differentiation for grades 5-12, and more. On top of that, we will generate all the custom media assets (see below), teacher guides, custom puzzle hooks, or data syntheses necessary to create an amazing and easy-to-teach learning experience that mobilizes the knowledge you care about. 

Custom Media Assets are the key components in multimedia storytelling. Whether your lesson needs animations, videos with voiceovers, infographics, short podcasts, or something else, our team will custom create it. The number of assets per price point depends on the complexity of each piece and the needs of the lesson. 

Revisions are how perfection is achieved. Whether it’s a typo, a misinterpreted graph, or an activity that’s not turning out as expected, Galactic Polymath is committed to creating quality materials and that takes time, effort, and revisions. 

Lesson Support is like tech support for your lessons. This means working to improve usability, correct issues, and help teachers. Galactic Polymath is here to ensure that the lesson you paid for works perfectly. 

Impact Reports measure your outreach. We take the hard work out of measuring the societal impact of your outreach. We monitor lesson site visits, downloads, teacher and student ratings and feedback, and deliver reports upon request. 

Open Access means you, teachers, and anyone else anywhere in the world can access and use the lessons we create. What is more, they are published with the CC-BY-NC 2.0 license  and distributed in editable formats so teachers can adapt and remix materials to meet their teaching styles and classroom needs. 

Beta Testing ensures your lesson is ready for the classroom. After production, we test your lesson in a variety of G5-12 classrooms, gathering and incorporating feedback before we release the lesson publicly. This can give you the confidence that your work is being used in high-quality lessons and not simply released to classrooms untested. 

Learning through Stories leads to long-term knowledge retention. Research shows that when students learn new material and skills in the context of concrete applications and stories, it leads to improved engagement, understanding, and learning retention.1, 2, 3, 4  

US National Standards Alignment means teachers across the country can seamlessly incorporate your lesson into their curriculum. Built using "Backward Design" best practices, our lessons are aligned with the leading US educational standards in all four subjects, and are truly interdisciplinary! 

Custom Standards Alignment means connecting to classrooms in your region. If you have a target district in mind that doesn’t use the standards we align to, we can work with you to align to any custom set of learning targets, standards, or goals. 

Designed for Non-Subject-Expert Teachers means you don’t need a Master’s in biology to teach Galactic Polymath lessons.  Our aim is for a teacher with no formal training in the particular lesson topic to be able to prep each lesson within 15 minutes. 

GP Cascading Lesson Plans are built for fast and easy implementation. The goal is 15 minutes or less of prep, even for teachers with no training in the lesson topic. We do this by designing lessons to be largely student-run and activated, by embedding scaffolding into presentations and videos that support student understanding, and by providing quick prep tutorials for teachers that are created by people with real classroom experience. 

Custom Data Analyses provide new, unforeseen knowledge. Our team includes professional scientists and data analysts who can compile new data, conduct new analyses, and offer new insights for students to inform and inspire the next generation of leaders. Whatever your dream lesson is, we can make it happen. 

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