We are an education studio.

We translate current research into creative, interdisciplinary lessons for grades 5+ that are free for everyone.

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We do not sell to schools. We believe every student deserves access to free, high-quality learning content.

Straight from the Source

Our lessons are designed with extensive input from working scientists and other STEM experts, meaning they are current and authentic.


We are a team of educators, scientists, and artists focused on publishing mind-expanding lessons that are also easy to teach.

Think bigger.
Learn everything.

National Science Foundation
Dr. Albert Kao's Lab at UMass Boston
We want to empower students with agency and critical thinking.

Our lessons help build 21st Century Skills and foster lifelong curiosity.

What We Do
(And how we make it free for teachers)
1. Clients hire us →
We make outreach easier for researchers, nonprofits, & companies.
2. We translate →
We weave real STEM research & data into free, interdisciplinary lessons
3. We publish →
We release our lessons worldwide with an open-access license.
4. We evaluate ↺,
We gather measures of impact for clients as we improve lessons over time.

Our lesson "Females Singing to be Heard" featured in Scientific American.

Read the article
Check out the lesson
Why We Didn't Know that Female Birds Sing, Scientific American.
The Real World doesn't fit neatly into subject boundaries. Our lessons don't either!

We craft learning narratives that students will remember. We make it clear how abstract learning standards in language arts, math, social studies and science connect to give students methods for approaching complex problems.

Real Research + Real Stories + Real Data + Real Careers =

Real Learning

Benefits of connecting classrooms to the real world with GP:

For Teachers

  • Get free, high-quality lessons!
  • Have your voice heard by a company that cares.
  • Remix our materials to meet the needs of your students.

For Clients