We are an
education studio.

We translate current research into creative, interdisciplinary lessons for grades 5+ that are free for everyone.

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We do not sell to schools. We believe every student deserves access to free, high-quality learning content.

Straight from the Source

Our lessons are designed with extensive input from working scientists and other STEM experts, meaning they are current and authentic.


We are a team of educators, scientists, and artists focused on publishing mind-expanding lessons that are also easy to teach.

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We want to empower students with agency and critical thinking.

Our lessons can be taught in any subject classroom! We align to learning standards in ELA, math, social studies and science to provide deeper understanding and longer retention.

We build lessons around real research, data, and stories from diverse STEM experts.

What We Do

(And how we make it free for teachers)

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1. Clients Hire Us


nonprofits &

companies pay

Government-funded researchers and organizations that want to support research impacts on society hire us to make a body of knowledge available to the public.


2. We translate




Our team of science communicators, educators, and artists work directly with subject experts to translate our clients' area of focus into free lessons for grades 5-12. Our goal is for every lesson to be ready to teach in any subject classroom by a non-expert with 15 min. of prep time.


3. We Publish

Free lessons



Working closely with educators and districts in our growing network, lessons are tested and taught in classrooms. Equal access to lessons means more of the public can connect with the body of knowledge our clients care about.


4. We Improve




All of our lessons are continuously evaluated, updated, and revised—meaning they are always up-to-date and working to make the jobs of teaching and outreach easier!

Scientific American cover featuring barn swallows

Our lesson "Females Singing to be heard" featured in Scientific American.

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Connect lessons to careers with this free tool!

  • Search and browse ~1,000 jobs
  • Explore US Bureau of Labor Statistics data most relevant to students
  • Clean, responsive user interface
  • Share links to jobs (useful for assignments)
  • Create a springboard for independent career research

Real Research
Real Stories
Real Data
Real Careers
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Benefits of connecting classrooms to the world of Academia


Free (open-access), high-quality lessons

Regularly updated based on your feedback

Differentiated for grades 5-6, 7-8 & 9-12

Adaptable for different time lengths, extension activities, etc.


Magnify the impact of your research and outreach efforts

Get detailed impact metrics to report to funders

If you love GP, but don't have the funds to hire us, there are also many avenues for collaboration!