About GP

Galactic Polymath (GP) is an education studio. We help scientists, nonprofits, and sustainable companies achieve outreach at scale by translating complex, cutting-edge research into mind-blowing lessons for grades 5+.

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Easier Outreach, Better Results

We do the heavy lifting, creating and disseminating mind-expanding lessons that engage young learners in the knowledge areas our clients care about.

1. Design

In just a few short meetings, we define clients' outreach goals and map out the lessons and supporting media that will achieve lasting understanding in target areas.

2. Publish

We create and publish lessons on our site and do the hard work of getting them out to teachers through a growing network of educators, districts, and professional organizations.

3. Revise & Report

We measure and maximize outreach performance—as we hear back from teachers, we improve the lessons, and collect impact data, which we report back to clients upon request.

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Our Mission

To create a direct pipeline between the sources of knowledge and grade 5-12 classrooms by translating complex topics from researchers, non-profits, and sustainable corporations, into high-quality, open-access educational materials.

Diagram showing how the status quo for disseminating knowledge favors experts or the highly educated,neglecting K-12 students who are a much larger, more important audience representing all of society at a critical developmental stage. By connecting Academia and K-12 classes, we can create a much more informed,engaged, and curious populace that is ready to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Vision

We are a triple bottom line social enterprise, motivated by People, Planet, and Profit—in that order. We want to improve the lives of teachers, students, and researchers because we have been in all of those roles. We are also keenly interested in amplifying marginalized voices (particularly those of indigenous peoples around the world), not only because representation matters, but because diverse perspectives lead to better solutions. We are working toward a future where education is bolder, more creative, more equitable, and where organizational outreach truly has Broader Impacts.

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Think bigger.

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Meet Our Team


After doing biological research for over a decade and teaching in Nashville public middle schools for 3+ years, Matt left his position as a postdoc at Vanderbilt's Collaborative for STEM Education and Outreach in February 2021 to focus on GP full time.


Matt Wilkins, PhD

Founder, CEO

A scientist, teacher, writer, and pusher of boulders. Matt wants to live in a world where critical thinking and curiosity are as essential as breathing. Enjoys rock climbing, wildlife photography, and doing silly voices.


Our multitalented group of contractors and volunteers includes scientists, artists, communicators, and education experts who are responsible for bringing each Galactic Polymath lesson to life.


Stephanie Castillo


A PhD candidate in science communication, award winning video producer,and previous Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellow. Stephanie is also founder of Phuture Doctors—a media company showcasing diverse voices in STEM.


Aarati Asundi, PhD

Video Creator

A scientist, entrepreneur, and storyteller. From biology to climate change, she loves learning about the latest scientific research and sharing it with the world.


Jayme Dyer, PhD


A biology educator and science communicator, Jayme says Wow a lot(especially about science!) and works to help others do the same.


Caitlin Friesen

Learning Multimedia Artist

A biologist, scientist, educator, artist, and cyclist in constant pursuit of making things a little bit better. She loves learning, creating, and being outdoors!


The talented (mostly volunteer) group building and maintaining our site, as well as a growing variety of publishing and teaching tools. Fluent in React.js, SASS, CSS, HTML, R and other languages.


Kenzie Bottoms

Lead Developer, GP Publishing Workflow

A problem solver who codes, makes art, and roller skates, Kenzie is trying to pay it forward and delighted to work with such kind, talented people in the process.


Leigha Robinson

Lead Developer, JobViz

A Software Developer with a love of music, gardening, and using technology to make the world a better place. Leigha deeply believes in TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!


Patrick Cheng

Lesson Plan UI/UX Lead

An earnest problem solver that loves to break things down and build things up. Loves food, beer, and communing with the great outdoors.


We wouldn't be here without the hard work of these amazing folks!


Elaine Perignat, PhD

Education Specialist

A spirited over-thinker with genuine enthusiasm for teaching and learning. Elaine loves to paint, create, build, and play if it means getting her hands dirty. Literally.


Carver Lee, MSc

Graphic Design + Marketing Lead

A geologist, sailor, teacher, and designer all rolled into one, Carver believes that learning and creating are always the way forward.


Maria Brock

Front End Web Developer

A Software Developer who loves problem solving, puzzles, and art. Fan of gaming, learning, and crocheting adorable, nerdy things. Powered by coffee.


Castle Crawford

Front End Web Developer

A food fanatic, day hiker, video game vanquisher, Corgi lover, and Software Developer. Loves being part of a team focused on making a difference.


Tyler Lemburg, MSc

Previous Lead Developer, JobViz

A Senior Software Engineer working remotely for Cognito. Tyler built the first iteration of JobViz. He has worked for several nonprofits as a web developer and recently earned a Masters in Climatology.


Arda Turkmen

Back End Developer

Arda is a senior at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He was key in developing our early website in 2019-2020 using Node.JS, React, and SQL managed through AWS.


The amazing organizations we work with to generate high quality multimedia, develop new education tools, and improve access to STEM careers for underserved communities.


STEM Advocacy Institute

Nonprofit Partner

As an SAI Affiliate, we are working together to tell the stories of scientists and STEM professionals, and connect with underserved audiences.



Multimedia Partner

Galactic Polymath and Phuture Doctors are both committed to amplifying diverse voices in STEM and nurturing curiosity and critical thinking in everyone.



Nonprofit Partner

This UK-based nonprofit offers a tool for exploring the evolutionary connections between over 2 million species using a Google Earth-like interface! We are working to make this incredible tool accessible for young students and incorporating it into our biology lessons.

Want to get involved?

We're a small, but dedicated team at the moment. Please get in touch if you're interested in volunteering or contracting out your coding, webdev, art, graphic design, or lesson design skills; collaborating in some other way; or perhaps joining the team full-time when funding is available!

* If you're a grad student on a GRFP or an NSF-funded RA, please check out this potential funding opportunity!